The number of the employee has grown from less than 15 to more than 100 now, of which 18 are designers, 20 tool assembly tool makers, 32 are for die debugging and tryout and 22 are for machinning. 3 senior process & CAE simulation engineers, they have more than 15 years, 10 years and 8 years of work experience respectively, 9 die construction engineers, 4 assistant engineers, are capable and calculate the springback of high strength steel like DP1180, DP980, DP780. At the same time of constantly challgening difficult and demanding automatic transfer tools, they innovated continuously are skilled in many kind of special in-die technology such as in-die riveting, in-die clinch and in-die tapping, keep exploring enthusiasm for high and new technology. Euipped with 2 sets of automatic 3d CMM measurement machines, max stroke 2100×1000×800 mm, able to do the full layout report, pass rate report, CPK, PPK, gage R&R report,Blu-ray scanning report,2D Dimension report and other types of reports according to the cusotmer`s request.