"Superman‘s perseverance and purity in his diamond quality" is the best interpretation of Forsight and the spirit of Forsight. Forsight Stamping Tooling has always implemented the management system of "attracting talents, cultivating those talents, respecting our talents and retaining our talents", building a perfect enterprise training mechanism, and establishing a talent training base with Guangdong Heyuan technician college.


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Recruitment requirements




20 years old

38 years old

1. Male, associate degree or above in mold related field, with background in cold stamping mold design or mechanical design and engineering;

2, three years or above automotive stamping die design experience, independent drawing, understand mold processing technology;

3, familiar with the use of 3D software design mold structure;

4, familiar with all kinds of stamping die structure, especially good at continuous mold and transfer mold design;

5. Familiar with European and American automotive die design standards;

6. Knowing the design of automobile panel dies is preferred.

Automobile stamping die

CAE Engineer


20 years old

38 years old

  1. Male, associate degree or above in mold and mechanics.

    2.College degree or above in mold, mechanics or related field, with more than 2 years working experience in CAE related work.

    3.Familiar with automotive stamping die design and process;

    4.Good teamwork spirit.

    5.Experience in stamping die design and process manufacturing is preferred.